Tips For Your Move

If you decide you want to pack, load, un-load and do it all yourself we would like to provide some helpful information. It's always better to be prepared ahead. Have a goal in mind - write it down if you have to.  Some of us have done it a few times, it's like second nature.

Items you will need for packing:

  • Boxes (your local grocery stores like Publix, Office Depot, Wholefoods, Office Max, UPS etc)
  • Sharpies
  • Duct tape or packing tape (we prefer duct tape because it's stronger and more durable)
  • Padding (newspapers, bubble wrap, cushions, old sheets, old towels)​
  • Water for hydration
  • Music (or not)
  • ​Friends (although some prefer to pack alone)
  • Food for friends e.g. pizza


Moving Plants: Whether it is moving a few houses down or moving states, it is important for the well being of your plants to plan ahead.  Also, you might considers leaving your plants where they are - but it you attached them careful planning is important.

Moving your plants in a truck presents the problem of heat stress and dehydration.  Make sure that three weeks before the move, your plants are very hydrated on a consistent basis. Also keep in mind that all states have different rules and regulations.  You can look them up here: National Plant Board


Plant Moving Tips


Where to start?

This is of course is entirely up to you.  You have to consider how soon you are going to need to be out of there.  Some find it easier to start with office stuff, paperwork, stationary etc.  Things you don't need immediate access to.

Pick one room at a time.  Mixing and matching from different locations can become confusing and tiresome.

Is it time to get rid of some things.  This is a great time to take inventory and give away items that are taking up space and really have not been used. Consider donating to various organizations such as Veterans of America, Faith Farm, Salvation Army etc. Donation Town is a great way to get see which organizations in your area will come pick up. This will help lighten your load during the move.​ Decluttering always help with a better flow of good energy (FENG SHUI).


  • Make sure to have strong, sturdy boxes that will not fall apart easily. Always tape the bottom as securely as possible as to avoid anything falling out from underneath.
  • Start with heavier stuff at the bottom and use towels or old sheets for padding.
  • Heavier items like books, pans, etc are more appropriate for smaller boxes since it makes it easier to carry.  If you put heavy stuff in large boxes - your moving helpers might get annoyed at your packing strategies.
  • Use bigger boxes for pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, cushions etc.  Your relocating entourage will thank you!
  • Try to use up as much space in the box so things are not moving around easily.
  • Use your sharpie to label each box accordingly. Make sure you write in a place that's not going to be covered by the tape.
  • Tape length wise and across the middle of the box width wise - along the seams (this keeps potential uninvited hitch-hikers such as cockroaches and spiders out).​


  •  Wine glasses, regular glassware, bottles and other fragile, easily breakable items should go in smaller to medium size boxes.  Preferably smaller because you don't want to mix too many glass type objects together.
  • Use bubblewrap or newspaper to carefully wrap each individual glass. Sometimes you can use the boxes that the wine glasses came in, but leave them for last - to place them on top of heavier boxes. 
  • A good tip is to pack dishes on their side and not flat - reduces the chances of breaking. Always use a lot of newspaper or padding in between.
  • Smaller cups and bowls can go into larger ones.  More use of the space.
  • ​Things to consider when packing artwork is the kind of paint that each piece has.  Oil painting wrapped in newspaper = new art. You might want to call your local art dealer for suggestions or even google it.  If they are larger pieces, leave them until the end. If the painting is in a glass frame, it might help to tape an "X" from corner to corner and then wrap in bubble wrap and/or newspaper.  Hopefully you can find an appropriate flat box or the like. You can also wrap it in an old padded blanket.
Additional Moving Tips
Ask your family or friends for help:

Moving is - yes we've established this - STRESSFUL.  Asking for help might be a humbling thing, but that is what community is all about.  DO IT.  Always make sure to hydrate your guests of honor and possibly feed them because they are using up a lot of energy. Fruits and vegetable snacks. Beer and pizza is good too! Or you could call us! Save yourself the hassle of having to pack and move!