Fort Lauderdale Moving Company FAQs

Why should I hire a professional mover?
Because moving can become extremely stressful (physically and emotionally), hiring a moving company can take a huge load off by assisting you with the logistics of the move and going over a plan.  Moving companies take care of the heavy and bulky items (furniture, appliances etc) and help put you at ease in an already chaotic circumstance. 

Is Relocate For Less reliable?
Yes- we are reliable. Our years of being in business has helped shape who we are today.  We pride on being reliable, efficient and want to build strong community relationships with our clients.

When is the best time to call Professional Movers?
As soon as you know you're moving - it's always good to get as many quotes as possible and see which company suits you best.  It also helps for you to be able to make your own goals as far as a timeline etc.

How do I schedule a move with Relocate For Less?
Just fill out the contact form and someone will in touch with you. Or call us at: 754-802-2111.  We will discuss all your moving needs and go over a plan.

Do seasons affect my move?
Yes they do.  But, happily - not so drastically in South Florida.  It is better to avoid summertime (usually from Mid-May to Mid-September) because it is so hot and also it seems to be the busiest time for moving companies - so there is a higher demand for it. However - we are here to serve you, so come rain or shine, we will meet your relocating needs with gusto! It is best though, to let us know at least five days in advance so we can come over and make the best assessment in anticipation of the move.

What if I want to pack my own stuff?
Relocate For Less is a local moving company that provides a variety of mover's services: packing, unpacking, relocating your items etc so, we just have to go over your needs and you let us know what exactly you want done.  If you chose to pack your own stuff, by all means - do so and then we will do the heavy lifting and moving for you.  Check out our packing tips page.

Any restricted items for moving?
Here is a list of items we do not transport:

We will not be responsible for the obvious flammable items (fuel, fireworks, matches etc) - basically anything that can be a starter for a fire-breakout etc. 
Weapons such as guns, ammunition, knives etc
Poisons, cleaning agents (such as bleach, ammonia, pool chemicals etc).
Car Batteries.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask us by calling 754-802-2111 or filling out our contact form in the comments section.

How long does a move take?
This all depends on the size of your move.  The more items, the longer it takes.  Sometimes it may take just one packing and loading into a truck, other times - two truck loads might be necessary.  Things to consider are: the weather during the move, the traffic, the time and of course, the distance that is being traveled. What ever the case, we do our best and deliver choice service!

What if I have to change my move date?
No worries - we will work with you.  Just let us know so we can coordinate and if there are any price changes - you are completely aware. We want to make sure you that you, our customer is happy.

Are the movers licensed and insured?
Yes - and if anything is damaged while in our care - we will make sure to correct the issue. After all, you are trusting us to safely deliver our items.

Do you provide storage?
Not at this time, but it is something that we are open to exploring in the near future.

How about moving my plants?
Because plants are live - most companies will not move them due to the risk of dehydration, heat exposure that can stress the plants causing death.  We recommend you do more research on moving plants before moving them yourself. Check out our tips on moving page for plants.

How do I change my address?
Visit USPS online to change your address and forward your mail. You also want to notify your bank and other important institutions that apply to you (such as schools, place of employment etc)

Can I tip my movers?
Aw!  Thank you for asking! Although we do not require any tips - our movers would probably feel really warm inside their hearts if you did.  So it is entirely up to you!

Do you also clean up after moving?
Although our movers are highly trained in packing, un-packing, moving, delivery - we do not provide cleaning services.  Our movers are trained to do their job in a neat and clean fashion and will make sure everything is organized according to the plan.


Let us help you! Call us if you have any questions or feel free to fill out the form for a free moving quote. We look forward to being of service to you!
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